Walnut Mouse Pad

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Samdi Walnut Mouse Pad constructed from premium American black walnut.The wooden texture is different for each one and each piece is a natural gift

  • Title: Walnut Mouse Pad
  • Product Code: SD-017Wa
  • Main Material: Walnut
  • Product Color: Black Walnut
  • Weight: 115g
  • Size: 28.5 cm * 23 cm * 0.4 cm
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    Samdi, an innovative manufacturer of high quality wooden products,has a fashionable wooden mouse pad,which made of premium American black walnut and soft wood.The material is carefully selected, strictly controlled, and carefully polished to achieve a smooth surface texture and restore the natural solid touch.
    This Walnut Mouse Mat Provides comfortable feeling, minimizing fatigue even after long hours. Multi-functional with solid wood pen holder, you can put apple pens and other wireless pens.The Mouse Pad features include:

    -Wooden style to make your desk beautiful.
    -Anti-fray bark materials to increase durability.
    -Designed for ease of motion. Perfect for Optical or Trackball Mouse.
    -Super smooth surface offers precise mouse movement. Perfect base for maximum grip. Perfect for laser and optical mouse.


    Suitable for all kinds of Mouse


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