Walnut Laptop Stand

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The Samdi Wooden Laptop stand is not only an original decoration but a helper for providing a compact and portable solution for easy cooling effect to your laptop computer and other devices.
It create an ergonomic and comfortable work space so you can work comfortably all day.

  • Title: Walnut Laptop Stand
  • Product Code: SD-001Wa
  • Main Material: Walnut
  • Product Color: Black Walnut
  • Weight: 890g
  • Size: 27.5 cm * 16 cm * 14.3 cm
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    Samdi, an innovative manufacturer of high quality wooden products, has an exceptional wooden laptop stand to enable people to use their laptops more efficiently and effectively. A beautiful and stylish all-natural, white birch wooden laptop stand and riser designed to work with any MacBook and all brands of notebooks. Ergonomically designed and produced, the laptop riser encourages proper posture and helps relieve and prevent repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
    This high quality wooden laptop stand securely holds any laptop up off the work surface and its holds the laptop at the optimum viewing angle. It is compatible with all brands of laptops and useful both at home and at the office. The bentwood wooden laptop stand features include:

    - Made of high-quality and natural wood, durable, practical and useful
    - Ergonomic mechanical design with smooth surface, giving you a comfortable feeling in working
    - Feature with lightweight and slim design, you can carry it anywhere as you like
    - Five hollow bars on the plate for maintaining a perfect cooling effect
    - Constructed with a threading hole at the back of holder, allowing you to solve the annoying data line troubles
    - Anti-skid pad at the bottom of the stand for added stability and abrasive resistance
    - Perfect radiator is suitable for iPad, MacBook, computer, laptop and so on


    Compatible With Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air And Other Laptops,music Consoles,other Electronics.


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