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We are SAMDI, we takes an ingenious use of bamboo and wood in nature to have a perfect matching with modern electronic accessories, producing stylish, creative and unique cultural products. Our Bamboo and wooden accessories has a style and beauty all its own. The wooden pieces have the added advantage of being much more environmentally friendly and the range of furniture and accessories available is quite wide. Original wooden pieces will fit in every home and every room in the home.



SAMDI is a great place to find hidden treasure. We have strong Design and Production Team.We are committed to the needs of our customers and develop unique products and we also care about our customers safety since we have quality... ZAPYTANIE OFERTOWE

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  • Why You Need This IPad Stand

    Why You Need This IPad Stand

    Any business owner or CEO of an organization would know and understand that running a business or an organization requires lots of determination, patience and hard work, especially on the part of e...
  • Wooden Cell Phone Stand

    Wooden Cell Phone Stand

    Smart phones are a part of everyday life.  They are an essential tool used by virtually everyone around the globe to conduct business, stay connected with friends, get the latest news, or for fun a...
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