Wooden Cell Phone Stand

Smart phones are a part of everyday life.  They are an essential tool used by virtually everyone around the globe to conduct business, stay connected with friends, get the latest news, or for fun and entertainment.  Often times holding a cell phone and using it at the same time can be a challenging experience.  Watching a movie or filming a video for a blog both require that the phone be perfectly still for the best results.  Propping a smart phone up to scroll through pictures is much more enjoyable than laying it flat on the table or counter.


Our SAMDI has a solution for this problem.  An elegant and stylish all-natural, black walnut wooden cell phone holder from Samdi is the perfect holder for all cell phones from any maker.  Smart phones made by Samsung, Apple, HTC, Huawei, LG and more, all fit nicely on Samdi’s beautiful and durable wooden mobile phone holder.  A smart buy, the wooden phone stand securely holds all cell phones, keeping them perfectly still while allowing complete access to the phone’s features and screen. 


This elegant and top quality wooden smart phone stand is perfect for watching videos, scrolling through photographs, taking selfies, reading, typing or recording videos. It is compatible with all brands of mobile phones and useful both at home and at the office. The bentwood wooden cell phone stand features include:
-Handcrafted from all-natural black walnut wood harvested using sustainable processes
-Artistic design that fits any home or office décor
-Anti-slip feet on the bottom to provide safety and security
-Highly polished and durable varnish finish
-Highly abrasion and scratch resistant
-Small size and light weight
-100% customer satisfaction guarantee

The wood cell phone stand is only one of several high-quality wooden smart phone accessories available from Samdi. The company also offers a sleek desktop management organizer designed to neatly store and contain computer and electronic cables, keeping extension cords, power cords and wires well organized. The company’s wooden multi-purpose storage box provides convenient space to collect and arrange anything on a desktop or shelf. Its all-natural and ecological laptop protector bag offers padded comfort and protection for today’s most popular notebooks.

Offering exceptional wooden products and accessories online, Samdi is a modern and innovative manufacturing company specializing in highly crafted and well-designed wooden products featuring unique designs and versatility. An environmentally conscious company, Samdi uses only all-natural, green materials in its products.

Post time: May-11-2019
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