Walnut Monitor Stand

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The Samdi Monitor Stand is a graceful ergonomic boost for your posture and your desktop, bringing your monitor to eye level while you work. Constructed from premium American black walnut, the stand is capable of supporting up to 200 pounds, while its minimal footprint provides ample space below to stow your desktop accessories.

  • Title: Monitor Stand
  • Size: 51cm*23.2cm*9cm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Product Code: SD-003Wa
  • Main Material: Walnut
  • Product Color: Black Walnut
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    Samdi, an innovative manufacturer of high quality wooden products, has an exceptional wooden monitor stand available online that enables people to use their laptops and desktops in a more ergonomically correct manner. The top quality all-natural, black walnut wooden monitor stand is designed to work with all brands and models of LCD monitors. Ergonomically designed and produced, the monitor stand encourages proper posture and helps reduce neck pain and eye strain.

    This high quality wooden monitor stand securely holds any monitor up off the surface and set at the optimum viewing height. It is compatible with all brands of monitors and useful both at home and at the office. The wooden monitor stand features include:
    -Handcrafted from all-natural black walnut wood harvested using sustainable processes
    -Artistic Arts and Crafts design that fits any home or office décor
    -Multifunctional built in pull-out drawer holds keyboard, mouse or other needed supplies, freeing up desktop space and keeping the clutter to a minimum
    -Elevates monitor to eye level for comfortable ease-of-viewing
    -Cable management system keeps cords routed and out of the way
    -Ample space below stand for cord management or storing supplies
    -Dimensions: 35 cm x 24.3 cm x 7.4 cm
    -Weight: 1230g
    -Highly polished and durable varnish finish
    -Highly abrasion and scratch resistant
    -100% customer satisfaction guarantee

    Suitable for iMac,PC,notebook ect.


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