Monitor Stand With Drawer

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Samdi Monitor stand lifting your monitor up with a cool modern design,reducing eye and neck strain, all while organizing all your desk accessories.

  • Title: Monitor Stand With Drawer
  • Product Code: SD-018Wa
  • Main Material: Walnut
  • Product Color: Black Walnut
  • Weight: 1230g
  • Size: 35 cm * 24.3 cm * 7.5 cm
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    Samdi, an innovative manufacturer of high quality wooden products, has an exceptional wooden monitor stand available online that enables people to use their laptops and desktops in a more ergonomically correct manner. The top quality all-natural, black walnut wooden monitor stand is designed to work with all brands and models of LCD monitors. Ergonomically designed and produced, the monitor stand encourages proper posture and helps reduce neck pain and eye strain.
    This high quality wooden monitor stand securely holds any monitor up off the surface and set at the optimum viewing height. It is compatible with all brands of monitors and useful both at home and at the office. The wooden monitor stand features include:

    -Beautiful high-quality Wood Drawer wide enough to hold most computer monitors and to help you organize, tidy up, and hide nearly any mess. Keep your desk space clear from clutter and loose items with this compact tuck away compartment.
    -Improve the comfortable sitting or standing position of the neck, back and shoulders to create a more ergonomic work area.
    -Add space to your desktop for more storage and organization.
    -After the hot pressing, the wood raw material forming mold is sawn into a bracket specification, after manual polishing, spraying green paint, QC inspection packaging process.
    -Wooden style to decorate your desk with good taste,suitable for home and office or as a gift.


    Suitable for iMac,PC,notebook ect.


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