Leather Headphone Stand-Saddle Brown

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This stand for headphones made of leather to prevent any scratches or damage. Provide a safe and stable foundation for your headphones. Shaped like a Greek letter omega, artistic and practical. You can use it at home or office and it will absolutely be a winner on your desk

  • Title: Leather Headphone Stand-Saddle Brown
  • Product Code: SD-009Pu-Br
  • Main Material: Leather&Red Oak
  • Product Color: Saddle Brown
  • Weight: 465g
  • Size: 16.3 cm * 11.1 cm * 25.8 cm
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    Samdi, an innovative manufacturer of high quality wooden products, has an exceptional headphone stand to enable people to protect their headphone from any potential harm. Graceful curve design adds a landscape to your desk.
    Music isn't just a pastime, its a passion. For you audiophiles, high-end sound is a must. And high quality sound is often served in stunning dress,and this headphone rack is a high-quality sound dress.The wooden Headphone stand features include:

    -Fits to all sizes and brands of the headphones. Stands stably on the desk surface
    -It stands firmly, providing a safe and stable foundation for your headphone.
    -This headset stand with unique and stylish design; great for the home, office, studio, bedroom or next to your TV
    -The straight side surfaces provide a uniform load on the cushion and thus ensure the long term for a right position while wearing headphones.
    - The feet of the stand are designed so that you can roll up your cable discreetly to avoid the cables mixing on the table Stylish and practical accessory for your precious headset comes with a protective bag in the packaging


    Compatible with most types headphones


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