Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad

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The SAMDI Bamboo Lap Desk is made of the natural bamboo high quality material,has unique design and functionality. It comfortable to use,can  promotes right posture,feels like using a regular table

  • Title: Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Product Code: SD-028Ba
  • Main Material: Bamboo
  • Weight: 519.6g
  • Size: 29 cm * 3.5 cm * 49 cm
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    Samdi, an innovative manufacturer of high quality wooden products, has an exceptional Bamboo laptop stand to enable people to use their laptops more efficiently and effectively. A beautiful and stylish all-natural, white wooden laptop stand and riser designed to work with any MacBook and all brands of notebooks. Ergonomically designed and produced, the laptop riser encourages proper posture and helps relieve and prevent repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
    Fashionable and beautiful stand have excellent heught for typing and desk,bring nature in doors and make your wrists health while you put them to work with the 100% wood.The bentwood wooden laptop stand features include:

    -Lightweight and sturdy, ergonomically designed and naturally ventilated, keep your laptop cool and run at high speed.
    -This multi-functional stand will become the perfect stand for your home office, reading, watching movies, etc. It is very suitable for home bedroom, sofa, balcony and leisure use.
    -Sleek, natural handmade wooden brackets that are lightweight, simple, rugged and durable. Multiple uses - The desk can also be used for projectors, writing desks.
    -Hollow design - Make the fuselage fully contact with air, improve heat dissipation efficiency, enhance the fuselage, increase air circulation rate, and effectively prevent performance degradation caused by overheating of the fuselage.
    -Raise the laptop screen above the desktop to a comfortable view, helping to fix posture and reduce back fatigue when using your laptop.


    Compact and portable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it on the bed, sofa, floor, desk, or on the lap, and etc.


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